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1 min readJun 15, 2021

I have been called a wannabe. Especially when I do something unusual. Maybe driven by mid-life crisis?

If I want to run a marathon or go solo-biking, I am a wannabe. If I want to startup or grow a beard — same thing.

The term wannabe has become a pop culture reference to someone who is trying to be something they dont deserve or they are not in the place for.

But, is it such a bad thing? could any human have achieved anything at all without being a wannabe?

All small and great achievements are motivated a deep desire to experience something or to achieve recognition, to exceed expectations — of one’s self or others’

If they did not ’wannabe’ the best or did not ‘wannabe’ the most famous or ‘wannabe’ the first to do something, would they have been driven to get up from their couch?

As for me, I would consider myself lucky if i can remain a wannabe till i die. I want to be constantly in search of the next experience, next achievement or just the satisfaction of completing the next task

I will always be a wannabe..



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